Oh Thank God It’s Over

2016 is over and done and I was more than happy to see it go. It was a tough year for a great many people that I know; generally disappointing, heartbreaking and downright scary for some. A lot of the problems that came up in 2016 aren’t going to magically disappear in 2017 and there are […]

Reel Big Fish’s Everything Sucks is my current life soundtrack

While I’m not in a Ska band trying to make it big, the general feeling of “Fuck this, I’m out” resonates with me right now.  I don’t usually put much stock in luck/karma/what have you, but I think I’ve pissed off some kind of being because things have been especially shitty lately.

New Year, same old me

I’m not making excuses, even if I did have a computer I can’t guarantee that I’d have kept up with things.  I won’t say I’m throwing in the towel, but I’m seriously reevaluating my towel.  Because my life has been hectic, I’ve lost things that seriously put a damper on finishing my 30before30 in time, […]


This is that weird 30 before 30 that I said I would do.  A complete list of things I plan to accomplish before May 24th 2015 in no particular order.  I’ll be editing this post to cross off what I’ve completed as I go along. Travel to another country Bench my body weight Write a […]