Home is where you snuggle your cat

  I’m like your period, better late than never! As previously mentioned I’ve been house hunting and I’m happy to report that me and my sister have actually managed to find a place that doesn’t make us want to run screaming into the night for one reason or another.  Whoo for accomplishing Goals in 2016! […]

Pumpkin, Autumn, Christmas, Meteor showers and 30for30

First off, it’s Autumn (sort of as it doesn’t technically start until the 23rd of Sept, but whatever) and I got to kick my morning off with pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts!  I was actually just stopping in on a whim to get some doughnuts for work when I spotted the brightly orange pastry and […]

Just the usual…

So I was originally planning on posting this yesterday, but got caught up crocheting and watching youtube, but I consider this serendipitous because I was thinking of switching to attempting to post twice (maybe thrice on Saturdays) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  That’s what I’m going with for now anyway.  This is going to seem like […]

Well, this month is going quickly…

*pokes at the blog* Ok, so clearly I’m not feeding and watering it enough, because it’s just not growing. I should also probably make sure it gets some proper exposure. I had thought I would post again before now, but honestly I haven’t had that much interesting stuff happen to bother posting.  At this point […]