Whoo! Cross one off the list!

And by list, I of course mean THE LIST(s).  All things considered moving out of my terrible apartment was pretty easy considering I’d have to make a commitment about my living situation one way or another.  The nice thing is that, long term, I’ll be saving money.  I haven’t been focusing on my goals much […]

Home is where you snuggle your cat

  I’m like your period, better late than never! As previously mentioned I’ve been house hunting and I’m happy to report that me and my sister have actually managed to find a place that doesn’t make us want to run screaming into the night for one reason or another.  Whoo for accomplishing Goals in 2016! […]


2017 Goals Knit a pair of socks Cut my debt in half Create a large yarn bombing installation Learn how to do a proper cartwheel Watch a meteor shower Make a Youtube series Learn to sew Design a crochet line Build a piece of furniture/structure Pick strawberries and make preserves Throw a costume party Ride […]