Whatever totes your goat

So there’s this thing called the Big Library Read. It’s a global book club run through libraries. Three times a year books are selected that will be available through your library’s e-book services (assuming your library does e-books) as well as links to the forums where the book and various topics surrounding the book can […]

Be very very quiet, I’m hunting houses

So that 2016 Goal of moving out of my terrible apartment?  It’s happening.  I’ve already given notice of nonrenewal to my complex so I’m kind of coming up to the wire when it comes to arranging new housing for myself.  But good news!  I’ll have a roommate this time!  Yes, my sister is finally moving […]


^ *sung like the opening of the song Memories from Cats* Ok, so I confess: I kind of love memoirs.  Not all memoirs, I’m admittedly shallow when it comes to that type of reading.  I tend towards the humorous and most definitely skew towards female writers.  Oh, I’ve read memoirs written by men and enjoyed […]

Call ’em like I see ’em or Judging books by their covers: A Review

“You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.”- someone once upon a time We’ve all heard this adage, we’ve (almost) all said this adage.  The point behind it is you shouldn’t judge a person before you get to know them, because how they look isn’t all they are.  Fair enough, a person’s value shouldn’t be […]