Oh Thank God It’s Over

2016 is over and done and I was more than happy to see it go. It was a tough year for a great many people that I know; generally disappointing, heartbreaking and downright scary for some. A lot of the problems that came up in 2016 aren’t going to magically disappear in 2017 and there are […]

Whoo! Cross one off the list!

And by list, I of course mean THE LIST(s).  All things considered moving out of my terrible apartment was pretty easy considering I’d have to make a commitment about my living situation one way or another.  The nice thing is that, long term, I’ll be saving money.  I haven’t been focusing on my goals much […]


2017 Goals Knit a pair of socks Cut my debt in half Create a large yarn bombing installation Learn how to do a proper cartwheel Watch a meteor shower Make a Youtube series Learn to sew Design a crochet line Build a piece of furniture/structure Pick strawberries and make preserves Throw a costume party Ride […]