This Public Service Announcement brought to you by painful personal experience that lost today’s intended post and so much more to a corrupted driver that required reformating. Always remember to eject your flash drive before removing it… I can’t say for sure that’s what happened that made me lose everything on my usb drive, but […]

Welcome to the (shit) Show!

It’s been an exciting time this passed week or so, though please let me correct you if you thought that was a good thing.  After getting my sister moved in and things starting to settle down somewhat is when our plumbing decided it was time to rebel.  I’d been having some off and on problems […]

Be very very quiet, I’m hunting houses

So that 2016 Goal of moving out of my terrible apartment?  It’s happening.  I’ve already given notice of nonrenewal to my complex so I’m kind of coming up to the wire when it comes to arranging new housing for myself.  But good news!  I’ll have a roommate this time!  Yes, my sister is finally moving […]