Budget Woahs: Let’s Not Compound Things

Ok, so last time it was budgets, but I have been informed that budgeting is not the way to get out of debt… I mean, it’s important, but just having a budget and not doing anything else makes for a very slow and difficult payoff. Maybe one day I’ll make a blog post detailing exactly […]


This Public Service Announcement brought to you by painful personal experience that lost today’s intended post and so much more to a corrupted driver that required reformating. Always remember to eject your flash drive before removing it… I can’t say for sure that’s what happened that made me lose everything on my usb drive, but […]

Write the Introduction Last

So I’m rereading a creative philosophy/help book called Creative Thursday.  I rather liked it the first time around, but generally I find that most books like that will give you more if you give them a second read.  The first time you’re concentrating on reading too much to absorb everything and the second time allows a […]

Adults Should Have Fun

While I was straightening up the library for closing the other day I came across a flyer/pamphlet from a local theater that was advertising a bunch of summer programming/theater camps.  Not surprisingly most of the pictured stuff was for kids and teens, which absolutely makes sense, they actually have free time over the summer.  Hell, […]