Not quite the middle of the year and I’ve had an absolutely phenomenal showing: I haven’t completed a single monthly goal, my finances are better but not as good as I’d planned, I haven’t been writing/crocheting/posting/etc regularly at all… So I’m currently batting a 1000 in failure. I’m in full on Mayday mode, which is appropriate for the month and why I’m changing this month’s goal to Make Up May.

I confess a trip to Disney is the biggest reason for the change; Roomie, some friends, and I will be drinking our way around Epcot (which should be hilarious because I’m a complete light-weight), but definitely costs a pretty penny so I decided to shelve the hot air balloon ride until I could afford the expense. I will be figuring out another goal to make this year so I do have 12, but I’ll need some time to think about it. In the meantime and in-between time I’m going to focus on knocking out as many of the goals I’m behind on as I can.

I’m halfway through February’s goal which was pick strawberries and make preserves, here are some lovely shots of Strawberry Passion Organic Farms, a really nice little organic farm that grows a variety of produce that they sell at their farmer’s market on Saturdays, but make sure to check that they’ll be hosting it. They post about cancellations on their FB.

The cat box needs a good bit of work done on it; an opening’s been cut, the flat planes have been sanded, but now I need to sand all the nooks and crannies, smooth down the opening edges, paint, and add new hardware.

The sewing and herb garden, I confess that nothing has been done for them and I’m starting from scratch there, but of the tasks those are the most manageable. The biggest challenge with the herb garden is that we’re planning on treating an old decorative baker’s rack style shelf for outdoor use to set the plants on. We’re going to look into getting it professionally coated, but we might end up doing it ourselves. Time will tell.



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