Budget Woahs: Adjusting the Budget

As recently mentioned there was a reclassification and as a result I was given a substantial pay increase. This of course means it’s time to look at the budget again to see where the extra money is going. Well, extra as long as I actually stick to the budget, which I’m notoriously bad at. -_- But it’s a new month and that means I’m starting somewhat fresh. I think my basic approach will become that outside of when I need to pay bills, if I don’t have the cash on me I don’t buy the thing. That means I’ll be with drawing all the money I’m allotting to various things about twice a month and keeping it sorted by expense.

Now with the new money I could just throw it at my debt (and I’m long term I’m going to do that), bu Roomie and I have talked at length about moving. We’re ok-ish with our current place but it’s located over 25 miles from her place of work with heavy traffic there and back and there are things we’re dissatisfied with so moving is in our best interest. I’m still paying down my debt, but instead of focusing on it exclusively and throwing all my extra money at it right now, I’m squirreling some away for both savings and moving expenses.

That said, even if moving means (and it almost certainly will) a higher rent, I’ll still be saving plenty of money and if I stick to the budget I’ll still be able to pay down my debt and then some.

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m so comfortable posting all this information about myself: it’s technically already public knowledge with that whole working for the government thing.

Budget Breakdown:

Monthly Income $2,300.00
Rent -$375.00
Utilities -$60.00
Household Expenses -$160.00
Internet -$46.00
Insurance -$135.00
Storage Unit -$43.00
Gas -$100.00
Phone -$128.00
Incidentals -$120.00
Remaining Income $1,133.00

Some costs, like gas, have gone up and there’s nothing I can do about that but other costs have climbed in a way I’m dissatisfied with and I’m going to see about changing them, our storage unit and internet costs particularly. The storage unit is a pretty easy solution: get rid of it. The only problem is that we ARE actually using it at the moment so we need to clear it out and that means actually selling a BUNCH of manga and anime. We’re probably going to go with bundles sold on eBay or something. I’ll post when we do for those who like-a the animus.

In other news: No, I did not get my labor for either January OR February complete so I’m 0-2… -_- I have some catching up to do.



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