Review: Pinky’s Diner

Pinky’s on Bay to Bay Blvd in Tampa probably doesn’t need my help with a review, they’re a pretty popular little spot all on their own merit and it’s generally well deserved. That said it’s a regular favorite breakfast/brunch place for Roomie and me.

One thing I’ve always like about them is the different specials they have over the weekend. Roomie is especially fond of their Pork Belly Bennie which is Eggs Benedict made with pork belly, spinach, and Cuban bread with a special salsa hollandaise sauce. It comes with a choice of side: grits, fruit, or potatoes.

I can be a bit plain at times so I actually tends towards their Two Eggs as You Like It which is, unsurprisingly, two eggs, choice of meat (bacon or sausage), and choice of side like above.

They also have a nice coffee selection that you can access while waiting for your table as well as a full barista set-up and a liquor license to sell Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, and other alcoholic selections.

It’s not the cheapest breakfast, but it also isn’t unreasonably priced if you want something nicer than say, Denny’s. It’s also a very small restaurant that absolutely can’t accommodate a party over six people and for a six-top you’ll be waiting if the only table they can seat you at is taken. It’s definitely got a quirky and friendly feel and I really like the waitstaff.

Note: They’re currently going through some big changes that include a menu over haul and seem to be short staffed at the moment so wait times and the like are up more than usual. Some have complained that it is a sign that Pinky’s is no longer worth going to and I disagree, it really comes down to where they go and how they adapt.

This review was pretty quick so I’ll take my time with the next one. Also I’ll actually take pictures of the food or restaurant if applicable.


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