Squaring Up

So I’m apparently not the type to come out the gate strong and peter out later, I’m just apparently disappointing from the get go. Though I figure I can work up to better and that’s a bit more honest in a way. So final counts for how I actually did with my goals in January.

Blog posts: 3/4

Not bad, could be better especially because the missing post is technically the whatever post and should have therefore been easiest to write. Isn’t that a kick in the nads. Also because there were 5 Tuesdays in February it got me thinking about how I should handle an extra Tuesday which happens with decent frequency. Lucky for me February definitely only has four so I have some time to consider it.

2018 Labor for January: Definitely not done.

Well I’m off to a great start there, aren’t I? I didn’t even get my sewing machine out this month so I can’t pretend that I even tried. That said I’m not giving up on the task, just going to admit that I failed my deadline and at this point I’m just letting my work pile up on me. I have a full free weekend (a rarity as I usually work on the weekends) coming up that I plan to get the underwear completed during. I’ve got the pattern, I’ve got the fabric, I even have some tutorials that give great tips and I’m running out of underwear and definitely out of excuses so this is happening.

February’s task is going to be great for clearing out the freezer. We have some strawberries frozen from last seasons (pretty late season too, if I’m remembering right). They’re perfectly safe to eat, but their relative quality is on the downturn so turning them into preserves is definitely one of my best options. I’d love to can fully, but I don’t think that’s on the table this year so I think I’m going to make some freezer jam for my first foray into preserve making. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll go whole hog and do a proper canning.

My Craft Blog: Just don’t ask.

I have another blog that’s more dedicated to the crafty and maker side of things. It’s where the actual in progress pictures of most of my goals are going to go along with the things I’ve learned, tips, links to useful sites and tutorials, and of course all the inevitably hilarious fuck-ups. That said after making a post about getting things together in 2018 I basically ignored it. I will absolutely be doing better in February because I do want to get back to crafting.

Well, that about sums up where I am… My finances? Hmmmm, well I have to work out a new budget because of changes in the future, but I did recently get a raise so we’ll see what happens. When I’ve got that new budget worked out no doubt I’ll be posting it.

Until next time!


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