Starting Fresh in 2018

I’m not saying 2017 was a failure in site management or anything, but heading into 2018 I won’t pretend I didn’t contemplate taking down this entire site. As in delete it completely and start over or at least delete every previous post I’ve made. Hell, I’m still contemplating it. I’ve been writing on this site off and on for years, but I’ve never really found my groove with regular posting. It comes and goes. Part of it is a lack of structure to my posting, I don’t have a specific thing I post about. Mostly though it’s lack of discipline, something I’ve NEVER talked about before, I know. But the reason I’m not deleting everything? Mostly for myself. Looking back on your older work can tell you a lot about how you’re growing as a writer (or not growing as it more often feels). I still have writing posted online from when I was 17 years old. It’s fanfiction, it’s terrible, but honestly? Reading it doesn’t make me feel bad because I was 17 and I know I’ve improved since then. I have later work that shows it.

So I’m not going to delete my earlier work, though I might look into archiving it or something. I’m still working out those details.

There might be a small influx of posts towards the beginning of this year that won’t really reflect what I’m hoping to sustain in 2018, mostly because writing about New Year’s resolutions or yearly goals tends to feel more appropriate at the beginning of January as opposed to spaced out over it. I also don’t want to lump all of my posts together into one giant, sprawling, unreadable mass that’s a complete slog. I’m just not that entertaining a writer, that and it’s only interesting to hear someone ramble about themselves for so long.

So to get to the point which is a fresh start here: I’m looking to blog regularly in 2018. At least once a week, perhaps more if I have the time and the mood so strikes. To help facilitate I’m going to work out a theme-style posting schedule. A theme per week or at the very least four themes I want to hit every month. Inevitably there are going to be personal updates, but I’m not going to include those as a theme. I’m going to start each month with a personal update: job, finances, and life in general. Personal goals will definitely be making an appearance there too. But what about the “themed” posts? Well I don’t want to restrict myself too much so I figured I’d give myself broad themes to work with:

Reviews: If I’ve read it, played it, eaten there, experienced it, I can review it. Books, movies, video games, board/card games, stores, restaurants, events (reoccurring only though), theme parks (I’m hoping to check out Universal’s new Volcano Bay), products. If it strikes a chord I’ll review it. I will admit that I’m a rank amateur when it comes to reviews and generally you’re supposed to have some kind of judging rubric so bear with me while I find my feet, but feel free to criticize.

Current Events: Obviously this includes the broad state of the nation for the USA, the even broader state of the World, but will also just as likely include current events for me like a write up of a particularly ridiculous library policy change or an obnoxious person that’s crossed my path. Or maybe an exceptional human will grace me with their presence so that I may write about the experience later.

Writing: I’m making 2018 the year of writing. I want to get back in the groove of fiction of writing, which I haven’t done heavily since LiveJournal was a thing…yeah…it’s been a while. I’ve dabbled a bit since then, but nothing regular. I’ll probably start with some flash fiction or short stories and see where that leads. Maybe I’ll finally get to work on some longer form original fiction.

Whatever: I’m leaving a bit of space that allows for complete creative control. It’s risky because this could easily become the area where I throw in the proverbial towel and fall off the wagon. When you don’t have strict guidelines it’s in many ways harder to know what to write because you’re spoiled for choice. Too many options is paralyzing, but I also don’t want to box myself in. This particular post theme is a bit of a shout out to John Scalzi, a really great blog writer and I’m sure a great writer in general (I’m a slacker and haven’t read any of his books). I highly recommend you check his site out.

I’m aiming to post on Tuesdays, but if Mondays work better it’ll probably drift. I’ll actually be posting twice a week; once here and once over on Otakraft which is my dorky crafting site if you’re interested. I’m following similar rules over there concerning theming my posts though they’ll obviously be a bit more focused.

I’m also updating my goals list for 2018 because it is a new year, but I’m going to approach it a bit differently. Instead of a list of goals that I can work through whenever, I’m going to timeline myself. I’ll pick out goals for the year, but assign a deadline month to accomplish them by. This means that smaller projects are going to be first and the larger ones that require some work I’ll have to set up over a series of months. Money isn’t the only thing I’m going to budget this year, I’m also going to have to work on budgeting my time. I’m not the best with posting to social media, but I’m going to try and post more so feel free to follow on Instagram @otakraft and even though I hate it I’m trying to get better with twitter and you can find me there @otakraft42.

Welcome 2018.



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