You’ll Never Guess Who was in the Library!

Guys, guys… you aren’t going to believe me when I tell you and no, I didn’t get pics, but I’m hoping she’ll come back… Hold your breath, the library actually got a visit from A TAX PAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG right?! Like, they didn’t show me their property tax bill or anything, but she was definitely a tax payer IN THE LIBRARY!

Not like all our other patrons who definitely don’t pay anything in taxes.

Oh and before anyone can whine about those deadbeats who don’t pay taxes: unless you’re actively evading taxes, you pay taxes. Also even people who are evading taxes usually pay some of their taxes because it’s pretty much impossible to get out of paying some taxes. Sales tax is tax for example.

Moreover federal taxes (which everyone pays, period) have nothing to do with the library. Public libraries are usually funded largely through property taxes and everyone pays those (outside of very specific and specialize exemptions).

Ah, but what about renters? They don’t pay property taxes.

FUCK YOU! Yes, yes we do. Is there property? Yes. Is it considered nonprofit or falls under some special classification? No. Then there’s property tax. Just because it’s not a line item doesn’t mean I’m not paying it. And if you say my landlord is the one who pays it: WHO DO YOU THINK HE GETS THE MONEY TO PAY IT FROM?! If you think he’s not including the cost of the property tax in my rent you’re an idiot. Also because rentals are usually considered a commercial building it’s taxed at a higher rate. So yeah, renters not only pay property taxes, they often pay MORE than the average home owner.

Why this rant? Mostly it’s prompted by a simple fact: everyone’s a tax payer so it’s not like that grants you special privileges. Also that’s a horrible way to attempt to get help because I really don’t want to help you after that. The stuff about renters? Because I’m sick of people with houses complaining about renters not paying property taxes.


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