Budget Woahs: Keeping Tabs

Confession time: because of this and that, but primarily because I’m at best ok at impulse control I haven’t made as much headway into my debt as I would like. What headway I have made was really eaten up by interest payments, which are murder at my debt level. There have also been some unforeseen expenses: see emergency vet bill.

Both my and my roommate’s cats are fine, but there was a very scary time. When I was leaving for work last Thursday Seuss slipped out the door when I wasn’t looking and was locked out of the house all day. An hour and I could have been confident about finding her, but all day? She’s an indoor cat and just not used to that at all. My roommate and I went looking and calling for her for hours, but we didn’t have any luck and recovery of lost cat can be grim business. On Friday I went and had about $30 worth of flyers printed and was going out for my second round of putting them up when I heard somewhat frantic meowing and there she was! Just came trotting up to me happy as you please, the brat!

She wasn’t hurt outside of a few scratches and didn’t even seem all that scared. Tacheton wouldn’t leave her alone, he was so jealous she got to go on a long outside adventure that he kept sniffing her and cleaning her. I think he also missed her over the night, I know I did.

Safety first though and we took them both in for a vet checkup because it’s been a while and we don’t want them catching something terrible. That said, god medical care even for animals is expensive. So that wasn’t fun, but we’re glad she’s back.

I’m kind of a garbage human being so I haven’t gotten around to talking to my credit union about options to zero-balance transfers, but after this little debacle I’m definitely getting that information. I’m also tightening the belt loops financially, and this time I mean it. I’ve decided to make buying things more painful by only paying in cash unless it’s a bill (which I’ve budgeted for) and anything I purchase is going to get recorded in a little journal so I can see exactly how much money I’m wasting on stupid stuff. I mean, it works for dieters and I’m basically on a financial diet until I lose those unsightly debt dollars. Just think how much trimmer my credit score is going to look by the end of it. Maybe I’ll try some budgeting exercises… Fitness pun, etc.

But seriously my goal hasn’t changed and I’m not going to push by my goal date, I’ll just have to try harder. I might also start looking into picking up a second job for a little while, something to consider.

I’ll let you know how the spending journal goes!


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