Back Up the Back Up

So back in February I lost everything on my USB because the files were corrupted. I did a short little comment on how it’s not only important to have a backup, but to make sure that backup is regularly updated so you have the newest work saved…

Well the backup doesn’t do you any good there’s nothing in it.

This wasn’t a file corruption so much as a “must have saved over it at one point” type of thing so in many ways it’s worse because it is absolutely my own damn fault. Not everything was lost, but pretty much all of the writing I’d been working on, including the scripts I’d made for my crochet tutorials were lost. I pitched a bit of a fit and basically made sure through my actions that I definitely wouldn’t be able to get those files back (restoration works better if you don’t delete the folder where you were storing the files in a fit of pique).

All told there was about 10 minutes of anger and frustration, 30 minutes of sadness/depression, and after that resignation that I’d have to rebuild the work. I’m not going to blame my recent radio silence on the loss, but it definitely hasn’t made me feel better. The biggest problem with trying to rebuild lost writing work that doesn’t have a physical first draft is that you can remember what was written but only generally with a few key phrases that pop out at you so you’re plagued by this paralyzing thought that you won’t be able to recreate it. I’m determined to avoid that trap and I’m positive that not only can I rewrite the lost fiction, scripts, and such again, I will write them better this time around.

That said I still wish I didn’t have to rebuild what was lost so kids remember: Have a back up and back up that back up.


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