So the button on my pants just broke…

See when I type “the button on my pants just broke” you’d think I was talking about the thread, right? As in, the thread was worn and maybe the pants were a little tight so the combined stress made the thread break and the button came off. I laugh at that, it’s a sad, shameful laugh. No, no when I say the button broke I mean the literal button, the bits in the middle that hold the thread, that’s the part that broke.

Yeah, I can’t believe it either, but if that’s not a sign that I should be taking better care of myself I honestly don’t know what is. But can you blame me? Food is delicious and exercising, while not terrible, but generally not very convenient or fun.

I can’t just blame my lack of exercise, my diet has been shit for a good long while; not because I don’t like to cook, but because I can be lazy as hell. I also drink Coca-cola more than I should among other small vices. All together if this sounds like I think I need to lose weight, you’d be right. Society’s obsession with thinness as the ultimate signifier of health is bullshit, but I have actual concerns over the amount of weight I’ve gained over recent months… Well that and I kind of want to be ready for beach season. (Society’s obsession with weight is bullshit, but I’m also only human.)

Current budgeting efforts kind of guarantee that I’ll have a better diet because I won’t be eating out the way I used to and the grocery budget doesn’t have a lot of room for garbage snack foods. I’m not intending to make this into some big journey like the getting out of debt thing, but I’ll probably talk about it on and off as swimsuit season approaches. Expect attempts and reviews at healthy eating, it’s bound to be hilarious.


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