Fuck Daylight Savings

You know how Daylight Saving Time is supposed to be for farmers or whatever? Yeah that’s not true. Daylight Saving Time wasn’t for farmers ever at any point.

The history of DST is long and apparently some version of it goes back thousands of years longer than it’s been in standard effect. There’s evidence of ancient civilizations adjusting their schedules based on number of daylight hours,  apparently Romans had water clocks that used different scales based on which month of the year it was.

So ok, I get DST when you’re working with candles or other very difficult to obtain materials. In fact, Benjamin Franklin actually suggested DST (without the name) in an essay, though mostly as a joke.

DST didn’t actually come into use in the Americans until a single Canadian town adopted it in 1906 and then Germany as a country adopted in 1916 to save fuel for the War effort during WWI. After WWI most European countries went back to standard time and wouldn’t implement DST until WWII.

The United States followed a similar trajectory, first adopting DST during the WWI then called “Fast Time” which went away for most placed until year-round DST was instituted by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942. From there we moved through several changes to make sure everyone used the same kind of DST and for the same number of months etc. to the DST that we know and loath today.

Thing is it started as an energy saver isn’t really anymore. There’s a lot of conflicting data on the subject (mostly for lack of control), but where we can measure it, such as parts of Indiana, showed that sure we saved on lighting, but other costs for cooling and heating went up. And with lighting technology becoming increasingly cheaper and more efficient (and heating/cooling not evolving as quickly) it points to an actual increase in energy consumption.

In addition to not actually helping energy consumption farmer’s actually hate DST because it messes with their schedules negatively, car accidents shoot up during the beginning of DST, children have to walk to school in the dark, and it’s bad for our health, not to mention there’s evidence to suggest that we never actually get around to “adjusting” to DST. Why do we continue to inflict this on ourselves?! Well, mostly because the retail, golf, oil, and other such industries love it because it means more business for them and they are a powerful group.

What I find hilarious is that I found a couple articles that actually said we wouldn’t be able to get rid of DST just because we’re so used to it being around. I’m pretty positive that it might feel a bit weird that first year, but pretty soon everyone wouldn’t think of it again and we’d all be better off. Anyone else with me?


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