Nailing the Adulthood Thing

So I’m a public servant, what with working for the library and all that, so I get a certain amount of time off every year. A couple years back we switched from one payroll program to another payroll program and at the time of the switch I had a very difficult time parsing out how my accruals for vacation, sick time, etc. was handled. I could see a spreadsheet of information, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to read it.

See, I’m required to take a certain amount of my vacation every year or I lose it. I can roll over roughly half of what I get, but I have to take the other half over the course of the year. But the way the vacation time was displayed didn’t make it easy to figure out what part of my vacation was available for me to roll over and what I had to take. It didn’t help that I was given incorrect information from coworkers, but I figure they were trying their best too. In any case sometime last year I realized I’d been misreading my vacation time and had only been taking the minimum amount off every year so I had a surprising amount of hours banked (there’s a limit to total bankable hours, but it’s pretty high). So what do you do with a surplus of vacation hours? Well one thing you can do is decide to participate in the vacation buyout program. This is basically you saying “Hey, I’d rather you just give me the money from the vacation hours than take the actual vacation”. It’s win-win because they owe you the money eventually and if you take a payout they get to pay you at your current pay grade instead of however much more you make in the future and you get the money now!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in some debt. Not crazy amounts, not bankruptcy amounts and some of it is owed to family who aren’t charging me interest on it, but some of it is owed to credit companies and they aren’t particularly nice about their interest rates. So I did the adult thing when I got my paycheck with the vacation payout… I bought a PS4.

Yeah, I know it sounds like I have a teenager’s priority system, but hear me out. As I said I’m not in crushing debt, I recently received a raise at work (whooo! 3%), AND my sister/roommate was offered a job so she’s no longer unemployed (it’s a good one too). Had those things not coincided the way they did, I wouldn’t have made the purchase, nor would I have immediately used the money to pay down debt. I would have set it aside in case of an emergency because my sister might have still been unemployed and we didn’t have a lot in savings.

I figured with all the good news we deserved a bit of a treat. It’s the first game console I’ve bought in a while and marks many years since I’ve bought a new one because I didn’t shell out money for a brand new PS4, I definitely bought a pre-owned one. I have a warranty on it so I don’t feel nervous about it pooping out on me either. I also bought The Last Guardian and Unravel which is part of the reason I’ve been a serious slacker where posting is concerned, but no worries!  I’ll have reviews up in no time when it comes to the games so you have that to look forward too. I might also start to include reviews of the games I’ve bought over on Steam as well.


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