You can’t fall off the wagon if you never got on…

So Septemblergh hasn’t been as  much of a budget diet and better eating situation as I’d hoped.  Lots of reasons for this including: my sister has a Starbucks rewards card so while we weren’t spending money on Starbucks there were some freebies she got (I’m not sure if this is a strike or not because we didn’t spend money on it), I, as mentioned in my bio, have a coke (beverage) addiction that is hard to shake.  I can resist most cravings for junk, but soda is my vice.  Poor planning that resulted in not being prepared for dinner and sometimes the thought of going out to buy groceries to come home and cook after a day of work is just depressing.  We got an offer for a 3-month BJ’s membership free and decided to run with that, though most of what we got falls under the class of necessity (restocking medicine, some cooking supplies, etc) we are only human and bought some treats too.


None of these are good excuses so I think we’re going to shift Septemblerg efforts to Octoblah and try again.  This time I also have impetus for sticking to things.  Aside from needing to save money for lots of reasons (mostly because saving money is good), I really, really, REALLY want Pokemon Sun and Moon and to have it I’m going to have to save up for the Nintendo 3DS XL because I don’t have one.

So any tricks and tips for actually acting like an adult who sticks to a budget?  How about stories of goals that were enough to make you get your rear in gear?


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