Septemblergh: Budget on a Diet

No, not a post of dieting on a budget. This is about putting my budget on a diet, my wallet is too skinny and I need to fatten it up. I make plenty of money, not a lot but definitely more than enough to get by and even put some away for emergencies. I’ve managed to save some money in spite of my terrible spending habits so I thought it would be nice to keep up with that trend, mostly because I’d like to get my debt paid down as quickly as I can.

I (and my roomie sister) have bad money habits we need to break, so this month I’ve decided to really start doing something about that. I’m going to sit down and actually calculate my necessities to figure out how much money I HAVE to spend a month to keep myself in shelter, food, and transportation. After that I’ll calculate how much I spend on nice things like Netflix and the storage unit I’m renting. My next step to keep my budget in check is to keep an eye on sneaky costs. I got this idea from another sister’s dieting techniques. She doesn’t count calories per se, but she does write down everything she eats and roughly how much. It’s easy to end up eating more than intended when you snack, but if you have to write down everything you’ve eaten you can’t conveniently forget about it. I’m going to do the same with purchases, because I’m the worst when it comes to impulse buying and I’m hoping this will help curb the urge to see how much money I waste on frivolous unnecessary purchases.

Funnily enough these changes will have an effect on my actual diet too because with strict budgeting in place and keeping track of my impulse buys (which are mostly junk food, let’s be honest), I’ll be eating healthier, homemade meals instead of expensive, salt-heavy, fat-heavy meals out. We’re also cutting soda and Starbucks from the budget/diet this month for cost/health reasons (Starbucks is budget, soda is health).

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I’m sure I’ll be a ragingly cranky asshole, I’ll keep you posted on our success.


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