I got the dough!

It’s such a little thing, but something I’ve been meaning to try for a long while now.  I finally made my own bread!  The recipe I used, Honey Whole Wheat Bread that Kicks Longhorn’s Butt, was described as no-knead and I thought it would be a good first bread attempt.

First things were first, I was going to make sure I cut the recipe.  There’s only my sister and me, so I didn’t want to make a full batch.  Cutting recipes in baking can be tricky and I’m not super experienced, but at the same time I figured that this would be pretty straight forward considering measurements.  It was, though I might have effected overall texture of the bread long term.

My first problem was my lack of bread flour, as a first attempt I hadn’t even considered (even though I have a baking savvy B.I.L. and do know some things) that bread flour would be needed.  I’ve seen it, I knew in a vague sense it existed, but for some reason I didn’t think I needed it.  Turns out, you technically don’t.  I’m not going to advocate that you always skip bread flour or that it’s just marked up to cost us more (it might be, I don’t really know) and you can’t ALWAYS get away with this, but in a pinch you can probably make due with some good all-purpose flour, which is what I did.

This recipe was pretty interesting to me, because most of my (extremely limited) experience with bread making is that when using active dry yeast you mix it in with some warm water (or whatever liquid you’re using) and let it wake up before you put it in with flour.  This recipe had a milk, butter, honey mix (yes there’s water and salt too, but milk, butter, honey sounds better) heated on the stove.

The yeast is just dumped in with the bread flour at the beginning and I assume wakes up during the mixing process.  So I made my cuts and substitutions and mixed it up.  You might have noticed in this “no-knead” recipe that after mixing in the last of the wheat flour you set the mixer you’re using on high… so this no-knead bread actually requires a lot of kneading. 

Well that’s all right, kneading while exhausting is rather fun too and my sister and I watched some Kiki’s Delivery Service while I kneaded the dough.  Then there was proofing and baking!  Since we were planning on using the bread for sandwiches at some point my sister dragged out the loaf pan we swiped from my mother (she never uses it).  Turns out I probably should have made the double batch… oops.  Either way it’s tasty and the first of many such loaves.


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