It’s Drafty in Here

I have a drafting issue.  I get an idea from one thing or another and I pursue it immediately, but many of these topics are a bit complicated and might need some research or I don’t have time to write about them completely in one sitting, or they get cumbersome and will ultimately need editing before I should post them.  This is normal, this isn’t surprising, and it’s a good thing that I have some concept of standards for my work.

The problem is that I’m a chronic procrastinator and since it’s out of sight for me most of the time, it’s also out of mind.  I have dozens of projects that are nearly finished, or partially finished, or even just started and they range from unfinished blog posts to crochet projects, to home improvement projects, to script writing.  I have started and then abandoned or at least seriously neglected many projects, even those I was really enjoying.

The point is that I have at least four post drafts waiting to be finished and probably a few more saved on my compute proper that I haven’t started to put into WordPress, to say nothing of the three drafts that are hanging out on my craft blog (talk about neglected projects).  There are crochet pattern drafts that need some cleaning up, and a script that waiting to get finished than then edited.

Basically it’s drafty as hell in here.

(Bonus cats!)


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