Summer Doldrums

Obviously my blog is a terrible measure for this type of thing, but I’ve noticed that there are a number of blogs that I follow that have petered off within the last month or so.  I don’t think they’re dead or anything dramatic like that, I think people are just busy.  

Summer’s an interesting part of being an adult. Growing up (especially if you live in the States) you’re conditioned to view summer as time off, I mean even if you do work (because I definitely had a job as a teenager) it was still more relaxing because I didn’t have school.  This feeling continues into early adulthood because if you attend college you still can take summer’s off from classes.  Summer quickly lost any meaning outside of time to miserably marinate in my own sweat (I live in Florida, after all) when I started to work full-time.  Yes, beaches and stuff I do associate with summer still, but not the idea of time off or a vacation.  And it’s definitely not a vacation if you’re a parent because in addition to all the work you’re expected to do anyway, you have bored children on your hands all day.

As an adult I’ve decided I’m going to consciously disassociate my concept of vacation with summer, one of the least pleasant times of the year to be traveling for a variety of reasons starting with heat and humidity and ending with the overabundance of people traveling.  Spring and Autumn will be my seasons of choice with the occasional winter in milder climates.  If I’m going to travel it’s going to be when the weather is as nice as possible and I have to deal with as little crowding as I can.

All of this was to say that the blogs I’ve followed may have slowed down, but I suspect it’s because life moves at the fast pace and you don’t always have to write about it.


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