You are Umasou!


These cute, little dinosaurs came marching across my tumblr dash recently and I just had to find out what they were from.  Turns out they’re from an anime movie based on a popular Japanese children’s book series by the same name.

Imagine a cross between a shounen anime and The Land Before Time and you start getting close to You Are Umasou.  It has found family, sweet sentiments about how dinosaurs can choose to define themselves outside of their dietary requirements, training montages, and three major fight scenes.  Plus if you loved the nicknames they thought up for different dinosaurs in TLBT you’ll love the song about “Big Jaws” in You Are Umasou, a twisted lullaby about how the Big Jaws come to steal crying children to eat.

A mother Maiasura (a type of Hadrosaur) finds an egg and decides to raise it along with her own child.  Heart, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, is hatched from that egg and is raised alongside his adoptive brother Light.  Over time, despite trying to raise Heart on berries, it’s impossible for him to ignore that he needs to eat meat to survive so he leaves his family to avoid eating them by accident.  Years later after growing up strong by constantly training himself and hunting on the plains, Heart comes across an abandoned egg.  A baby Ankylosaurus hatches from the egg and Heart tells him he looks delicious (Omae Umasou Da Na) before attempting to eat him.  The baby Ankylosaurus mistakes Heart for his father and Umasou to be his new name, from there hijinks ensue!

The art is fanciful while still echoing the actual dinosaurs enough that it’s not hard to identify most of them with Umasou’s design being my favorite by far.  He reminds me of a spiked shell from Mario.  If I had a complaint to make, it would most certainly be how little time you get to spend with PeroPero, one of the friends Heart and Umasou make in their journey.

The voice acting is great with Yamaguchi Kappei (Usopp from One Piece, Sakuma Ryuichi from Gravitation, and Inuyasha from Inuyasha) as Heart and young (seriously this kid must be about ten) Katou Seishirou as a preciously heart-melting Umasou.

Unfortunately this gem of an anime (which runs ~90 minutes) was never officially licensed in the US which limits the options for watching.  If you can find a way to watch it, I highly recommend it.


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