In Your Pants

The place where I currently live doesn’t have a W/D in unit nor does it have laundry facilities of any kind.  It’s a bit annoying because we have to go off-site to do laundry, but we live around a college so there are options.  Lately we’ve been going to a 24-hr laundromat down the street (though we might be changing soon because their machines keep breaking) mostly because it’s convenient and open 24-hr and all.  My sister went to do laundry there the other day while I was at work and it went about as you’d expect until she pulled the clothes out for folding.  In the jumble she came across a pair of men’s boxers, blue with yellow stripes.  They weren’t hers, but since boxers are comfortable lounge wear regardless of gender she texted me to ask if they were mine.  They were not.


Pictured: not the actual boxers found… I mean, these aren’t even close.

It might not have been a problem but for the fact that she’d already left the laundromat by that time and felt understandably weird about running them back to turn in and honestly it’s doubtful that the person who lost them will care overly much about a missing pair from what was likely a three pack.  So the question was what to do with them.  We couldn’t just throw them out, which is going to sound weird I know, but my sister and I are adopting a reduced waste lifestyle and the thought of just throwing a perfectly good pair of boxers in the trash to languish in a landfill.  They also seemed too new to just cut up to use as cleaning rags.

They ended up buried under a pile of other clothing on my dresser, because that’s how I adult (i.e. not very well).  Eventually, in a fit of responsibility I finally cleared off my dresser by sorting the clothing to be put away (and I actually did put it away) and to be washed.  I came across the boxers first the first time then and realized they were the mystery underwear my sister had accidentally stolen from the laundromat.  They were too useful to throw away and too nice to just cut up for rags so there was really only one answer: they would continue as they were meant to as lounge wear.  I tucked them into a drawer (feeling a bit weird about it, no lie) and wondered absently if I’d ever actually wear them.

Well I know have an answer. The heat of the summer and my severe lack of shorts (it’s very hard to find shorts that I like), but a desire to wear some clothing in lieu of running around in my underwear prompted me to tug them out and pull them on so I was running around in someone else’s underwear.

Now before you start screeching in horror you have to remember these ran through at least two washes, one of which was hot, and was then dried in a VERY hot dryer (I’ve been scalded by the dryers at the laundromat).  They are not dirty, they aren’t gross, and they possess no mystery stains.  <—- If you think that was for you, you’re mistaken.  It’s actually what I told myself when I was feeling kind of creeped out about wearing a mystery man’s underwear.  Though considering the penchant ladies have for using boxers as lounge wear I might in fact be wearing a mystery woman’s underwear.

At this point I’ve made peace with this weird little turn of events, the pants are comfortable, practical, and will find a long life of use with me.  And I got a story out of it to boot.


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