Got Me Stressed

So there’s been an update to the WordPress site for analytics, which is cool and all, but it’s seriously making me sweat.  I know I’m a garbage person, I know I’m a procrastinator and I know I don’t have any excuses so I really don’t need to be shown in graph format how much I’m a failure.  Up to now we’ve had the very familiar posts and views bar graphs that you can expand from daily to monthly to yearly.  My numbers were never high, but they don’t look completely terrible because it’s just being compared to itself.

posts views by month

Pictured: Doing OK because I don’t have to face the stark reality of my failure.

I know when you actually break down measurements and stuff it’s terrible, but it doesn’t look it, right?  Now they’ve brought in a new (I think, I don’t always pay attention to this stuff) analytic that color codes posting activity.  Pale blue means lower post numbers, dark blue means higher and there are shades in between.  Problem is I only get two colors, pale or dark blue because I don’t spend every day posting and I definitely don’t post multiple times in one day!  The dark to light blue/post or no post doesn’t actually bother me because that’s my actual posting schedule.  It’s more showing me these days are the days you posted, these are the days you didn’t.  Here’s the problem:

Posting Activity

Pictured: The stark reality of my failure.

There is WAY too much pale blue there.  I’m not going to pretend it should have more dark blue than light blue, because with a posting schedule of only once a week I’m definitely going to have more light blue.  I’ll always have more light blue, but I shouldn’t have quite so much light blue.  As April was just a long hiatus I don’t expect to see anything, but May is a bit rough considering I was supposed to be getting in gear and all that.  I don’t even think that’s a daily counter either because the numbers don’t quite add up, which is just adding to my stress because I look at that and see calendar.  Also why is all of May there already?  It’s like a bleak look into everything I didn’t do this month!

sweating gif

I suppose having more honest numbers is better and I’m adjusting to this new reality, but I think I’ll keep this analytic view as my preferred for the moment, it keeps me humble… And a bit stressed. >.>


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