Haste Make Waste

Or I don’t want to sound more ridiculously scatterbrained than I absolutely have to

This past week I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to writing anything to post and kind of panicked.  I have a bunch of drafts saved so I thought I might quickly finish up one of those to post; it’s something I’ve done before.  In the end though I tend to not like what I’ve written as much as I could have.  If I’m making an argument for something it tends to be weaker or at least more poorly worded so my message gets distorted.  And there are always, always mistakes that I miss… Technically I think there would always be mistakes because I’m my own editor and I’m not very good at the job to be honest, but there would probably be a lot fewer.

I’m really going to try and get on a writing schedule, plan out ideas for posts so that I can actually be ahead of the game a bit.  Maybe I’ll actually set up a posting schedule or something else completely anathema to everything anyone knows about me (chronic procrastinator that I am) .  I may also have to rethink the posting schedule of Otakraft, if only because I’m having trouble keeping up with anything interesting to post.  Perhaps I should switch to twice a week posting on Monday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday.  I’m still not sure, but you can bet that I’m still banging away at those keys.

kermit typing


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