The Happiest Place on Earth Has a Lot of Grumpy People

So this past weekend I was on a mini-vacation at a Disney Resort with my sister and two friends.  As I tend to do at Disney, I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed myself.   

I went to the Animal Kingdom park on Friday for the first time, which was great because I love animals and they had some wonderful enclosures and a handful of really solid rides.


Seriously, Everest is the best roller coaster they have at the parks and I’m a long time fan of Space and Thunder mountain. We went around the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and hit all the Mountains as well as some other rides and saw the awesome Flights of Fantasy Parade, absolutely worth it. Check these costumes!

And on Sunday we had a relaxed day where we hung out before checking out of the resort and heading over to Disney Springs to grab lunch, see a movie, and walk around.  We didn’t do a ton of walking around because we had pretty sore feet at this point, but still.

We also had the meal plan and ate at a collection of delicious eateries including Be Our Guest.  The meal plan was an insane amount of food so I’m really glad I split pretty much everything I had with my sister.

So I had a good time, all the people who went with me had a good time.  And all of us are mid-twenties or older with no children.  I know that makes me kind of weird to some people, but this leads into what this is actually about.  This past trip to Disney was really pleasant as have been all my trips, but there’s always those little things that mar what would otherwise be perfect days.  Sometimes it’s not feeling well, sometimes it’s poor weather, and sometimes it’s people.

I’m not one of those people who think the mere presence of children ruins something.  I actually like kids and I also recognize that places like Disney are largely built to please and entertain them.  Children are part of what makes Disney magical because they can enjoy the parks in ways that not even a fun-loving adult such as myself can.  I also understand that children are still learning how to be people and control their emotions so when children are upset or grumpy about something I’m usually pretty forgiving.  They have fewer coping mechanisms and less experience in dealing with heat, lines, and all the other little unpleasantries associated with a Disney World Trip.

I am absolutely one of the those people who gets real fed up, real quick with dickish behavior in adults.  I’m not going to say you have to enjoy yourself every second you’re in Disney.  It’s hot, it’s expensive, it’s crowded.  I get this.  I’m also going to understand that this trip isn’t for you, it’s for your kids.  However does that make it so unbelievably hard to be even slightly happy and, more importantly, polite?  The sheer number of times people with strollers or on scooters tried me run me or my friends over without apology was staggering.  Added to that the blatant hatred some people show to a group of adults who want to enjoy Disney without the excuse of children is crazy.  And if people think their surliness isn’t affecting their kid’s vacation they are dead wrong.  I remember growing up and going on family vacations and a lot of what ultimately determined whether a vacation was fun was the mood of my parents.  I count myself lucky that my parents would have fun on most of the vacations I had in my childhood because that’s ultimately what you remember: having fun with your friends and family.

Oh and in case you were wondering: Dickish behavior from adults like me is similarly disgusting and unacceptable.  I understand you paid a lot of money, but that does not give you the right to muscle in past CHILDREN at events and parades and seeing something like that happen would nearly make me hit people.  Or at least grab the camera they weren’t supposed to be taking pictures with on the ride and throw it in the water.


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