Whoo! Cross one off the list!

And by list, I of course mean THE LIST(s).  All things considered moving out of my terrible apartment was pretty easy considering I’d have to make a commitment about my living situation one way or another.  The nice thing is that, long term, I’ll be saving money.  I haven’t been focusing on my goals much because I’ve largely felt like getting through the day was good enough, and to a certain extent that’s true.  As a tumblr user once put it:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.30.28 AM

I find this a very uplifting quote because it’s true.  My life isn’t as hard as some people’s, but it’s definitely had it’s challenges and I’ve made it through them, I’ve been shaped by them, and I’m the person I am today in part because of them.  Setting aside such thoughts though, since I’ve managed to get housing and career (as far as I know I’m going to keep my position) on track I can start focusing on additional goals that I have.  While it’s getting on in strawberry season I still have every intention of going out to pick some strawberries and by god, there will be preserves!  I definitely need to do some more research on canning though to make sure I don’t accidentally poison myself and anyone I give preserves too. XD

Oh and I’ll be going back to a regular posting schedule now that I’m not losing my mind from moving nearly by my self.


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