Be very very quiet, I’m hunting houses

So that 2016 Goal of moving out of my terrible apartment?  It’s happening.  I’ve already given notice of nonrenewal to my complex so I’m kind of coming up to the wire when it comes to arranging new housing for myself.  But good news!  I’ll have a roommate this time!  Yes, my sister is finally moving in with me come March.  She won’t move to Tampa before then because she hates my apartment more than I do, which is saying a lot.

So since my deadline is fast approaching I’ve been running around to tour various places for rent which is a special circle of Hell.  I know there are people who love to do this, they love looking at listings, they love making lists of pros and cons, the adore touring places.  I find the whole experience time-consuming, uncomfortable, tedious, and awkward.  I know I shouldn’t feel awkward about it, because this isn’t someone else’s place, this is potentially MY place and I should be asking all kinds of relevant questions, but I’m just too preoccupied with the very WASPy thought that I need to not be poking around because this isn’t my home.  Not to mention there are just so many times I don’t want to touch anything because the place I’m looking at is disgusting.  I’ve lucked out in that the two WORST places I visited the person wasn’t there with me so I didn’t have to try to feign politeness amidst the horror.

The first of these two places was….We’ll go with meh because while not great it didn’t seem terrible.  But then we got to the kitchen and realized they must have just bombed the place because the floor was littered with I don’t know how many roach carcasses.  GERMAN roach carcasses.  I don’t care if they did bomb, I’ve had to put up with these fuckers for months and I wouldn’t take even the slightest chance it would happen again.  So we turned around and right as we’re headed out the door, my sister looks up and spots a cockroach on a door jamb.  A live one.  I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough.

The next place wasn’t actually horrible, but it claimed it was 900 sq. ft and I have my doubts about that.  If it was that big the layout of the house was so ri-goddamn-diculous that it didn’t matter that it was 900 sq. ft because you could barely fit anything into it.  I mean there was this incredibly superfluous hallway thing that separated the kitchen from the bedrooms and bathroom that are all separate rooms with doors and walls so… I mean really what was the point?

The third place?  UGH. pest central.  We were given a key by a downstairs tenant and headed up.  We opened the door and there was a german roach nymph right there in the foyer.  I don’t know WHY I didn’t turn around right then and there, but for some reason I didn’t.  We’d been warned that the apartment needed some work, but that was a gross understatement.  There was so much damage to all the walls and several doors that I knew that even if I hadn’t seen a roach I wouldn’t have wanted to live here.  To cement that sentiment my sister spotted ants on the counter and we were then attacked by the fleas that were ravenously coming for our blood.  That’s right, fleas so bad they were biting people.  We couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

The silver lining to that day is because we were in the neighborhood we got to enjoy some delicious dim sum at Yummy House China Bistro (terrible sounding name, I know, but the food is amazing).  Monday went a lot better than Saturday, we toured a fairly nice place that I’d feel good about, but it doesn’t have any kind of laundry facilities which is a major pain.  >.>  I still liked it a lot, but that can be a deal breaker.  The other places were complexes and mostly too expensive to really consider.

*sigh*  I went to another place tonight, but I feel like they’re just asking too much for something not worth it.  It’s a huge space, but I’d honestly be happy with a smaller space that was just nicer in general.  Ah well, my whining will return next week.  Sorry no kitty pic today.


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