Why I don’t trust people who say “I’m not a cat person”

When someone says they don’t hate dogs, but they’re not really a dog person I get it.  Dogs are fine and all, but this person isn’t really into them because they’re a very time and money intensive pet that requires A LOT of stimulation, especially if you have a larger breed in a smaller space.  They require walking, bathing, training and socialization that is continuous throughout their lives at least as reinforcement.  Dogs can be very needy and often carry an odor.  It’s not bad, it’s just very noticeable.  There are a lot of reasons to not like the idea of having a dog.  I love pretty much all animals and would happily own a puppers if my circumstances made it feasible, it’s just not my life right now. That said, I get it when people profess to not really be dog people.

When someone says they’re not a cat person I have to give them the side eye.

This isn’t hypocritical in the least because you ask a person why they don’t really like cats as pets and they almost ALWAYS rattle off the same list of reasons and assumptions about cats that clearly says they’ve never really interacted with the animals.  They’ve bought into a strong social perception of cats as being aloof, unaffectionate, and dickish (to be fair cats ARE dickish, but in that charming jackass way).  I get why it happens.  We have access to dogs in a way they just don’t with cats.  You’ll meet people walking their dogs on the streets, taking their dog to the park, the beach, the farmer’s market (if you frequent those you know they’re absolutely lousy with dogs).  So you meet the obnoxious yappy-ass tiny dog or the poorly trained giant dog that knocks you down, but you’ve also met a really sweet and gentle one, or an incredibly well-trained stoic dog. It’s obvious that not all dogs are the same, but they have generally the same care requirements.

Cats are much the same with incredibly varied personalities.  My sister’s cat is a beautiful Tortie girl who is basically the poster child for the classic cat.  She is twitchy, suspicious, prone to being spooked and hiding, hates to be picked up and might scratch you if you push your luck, but she’s also incredibly sweet and if you’re patient she will come to you and gently beg for affection with leg rubs and tail brushes.  My cat on the other hand is a fluffy ragamuffin you can feel free to pick up and cuddle at nearly any moment.  In the mornings he’ll come and lay beside me in bed to knead my neck and purr.  Hell, he’s currently curled up in my lap asleep.  Considering these descriptions you’d think my sister’s cat would be a complete shit, but honestly my cat is far and away more of a trouble maker.  He gets up on counters, knocks things off shelves, and races around my apartment  like his tail is on fire.  I find his antics charming most of the time, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bit of a dick.

At the end of the day, it’s just not a good idea to judge an entire group from one or two individuals or worse, rely on tired media tropes to form opinions.  Which is generally good advice for any group save people like the Westbro Baptist Church…or Parrots.  Fuck Parrots.


Tache is really enjoying The Planet Earth Series.


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