Shoulders back, head up…

Moving forward!  So originally I started this post with some trite shit about resolutions and comparing resolute and resolution.  I mean, it was terrible and I kind of hated it when I was just starting it so I’m really glad I didn’t keep punching.

I suppose I do have resolutions this year, though I’m not really calling them that.  I’ve just managed to figure out what I want to do with my LIST and I did.  I gave myself 12 goals, ostensibly one for each month or so, though it probably won’t be quite that straightforward.  But nonetheless 12 personal goals for 2016.  Now that obviously doesn’t cover the entire list that I had and I wasn’t about to just ditch it because there were a lot of things on there that I still want to do.  So my solution was two lists!  I’ve got a list of goals for 2016 and a list of other goals that I’m not putting a timetable on for a variety of reasons, most because I just don’t have the funds for many of them at the moment.  But that’s ok because I can move towards them as a future endeavor.

There are other things I’m planning on trying, though I’m not going to write them down as goals or resolutions so much as make a declared intention.  Primarily I want to post more often on Otakraft and more regularly here.  This will take more planning on my part and making sure that I actually set things up in a way that facilitates these changes.  My current idea is to post on Mondays and Fridays with Otakraft and probably post on Wednesdays here, though I figure some flexibility is in order at least at first.


Here’s to making the most of 2016!




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