I made a Steam account…

Yeah, that was a good decision in the wake of declaring that one of my personal goals was to slash my debt.  But my tumblr had been flooded with images and jokes about Undertale and I was really curious about it so I caved and made an account and bought the game.  It was as fun and funny and difficult as promised.  I’m still trying to play it through correctly.

So one game purchase isn’t a big deal…except it’s never just one is it?  I didn’t go crazy, but I did spend $30 on games that I wasn’t intending to spend because I also bought Shovel Knight and Long Live the Queen, these are both the fault of my sisters.  But they’re both really fun games. ^^  I’ll probably end up reviewing them later, mostly I think they might inspire some crochet projects for my other blog.  I’d really like my own Princess Elodie.

As for my budget and attempts to pay down debt and more broadly the rest of my list I might just have to trash it and start from scratch again.  So I didn’t complete it.  I could feel like a failure, but I’m more inclined to look at it and say that there were various factors beyond my control that influenced how much of that list I’d realistically be able to finish.  That said I’m sure my next list of goals will probably include a number of the ones I didn’t get the chance to complete.  And just because I didn’t meet all the goals from one list doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trying.

I’ll probably be following up with another post next week about the approach of the end of the year, what that means to me and what I expect out of the next year.  Hopefully I’ll have sorted out what to do with my list by then.  Until then Tache hopes you’ve found somewhere warm to bed down.


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