Everyone tired of my whine yet?

Only two and ¾ or so months before I move out of my apartment and I can tell you that I am counting down the days.  Things have not gotten any better, not that I think anyone is particularly surprised.  I’d actually say things have gotten worse because I opened my refrigerator the other day and there was a juvenile german cockroach crawling around inside.  At this point I’m not trying to get rid of them, because that’s obviously not an option.  I’m just trying to get by until the day I can move out.  I’m going to be going through some really deep cleaning this week.  I mean I’m going to be taking everything out of the cabinets and cleaning them out and spraying the interior or baiting it, I can’t decide.  A part of me thinks baiting is the way to go, but I just don’t want to see them anymore so I might go with spraying, which is less effective, but will keep them away for a period of time.

I have no idea where the nest is, though I suspect it’s next to my water heater, which is basically open into my kitchen, next to my sink and my dishwasher and connected to my bathroom on the  other side of the wall.  I’m actually pretty numb to the sight of roaches at this point, which is just not where I want to be, living in Florida or not.  It’s disgusting, I worry about my health and whether my food is safe.  I’ve had a couple people tell me I need to report them because it’s not livable, but I’m honestly not sure what constitutes unlivable at this point.

I have no idea how much of my list I’m going to complete at this point and I’m thinking of just taking it down for a list of New Year’s goals for myself considering how fucking awful things have been this past year.  I’ll turn it around, but it’s going to take some serious work.


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