SO that happened….

Originally I was going to post about something or other and then yesterday happened in which an objectively terrible human being proved he was objectively terrible by verbally abusing me and several library patrons who were just trying to ask him to calm down.  He also implied threats of violence to me and actively threatened another patron.  It was the kind of stuff people who are witness too take surreptitious video of, which did in fact happen.  It was a whole thing with calling the police and him yelling and swearing at everyone and I can honestly say it was the first time I was actually afraid of a patron.  So I was writing out the whole sordid story about how he came in all normal and then things went South faster than Snowbirds in winter because he didn’t have a library record.  No seriously, he blew up because we didn’t have a record of him having a library card and he was insisting that he did.  It didn’t matter that he could fill out a quick form to get a new one or get a guest pass to use the computer for the same damn amount of time.  How DARE I not find his record, I’m a stupid bitch who can’t do anything right and I’d better look again.  The only thing I’m truly sorry about from yesterday is that he left before the police we called arrived to remove him.

But then I realized most of the way through the story that it was a long, depressing slog that I couldn’t for the life of me make entertaining because I’m not terribly entertaining in the first place, but it wasn’t compelling enough to make a serious post about either.  And frankly, I don’t want to give that asshole that much space in my life.  He upset me and I was afraid of him at the time, but having experienced that I can now say I have a mental game plan on how to deal with a person like that.  And I’m NOT going to let someone who doesn’t have a shred of common decency treat me like that again.

Remember: A person working in some kind of customer or public service position is not a “get out of being a decent human free” card.

In more important and interesting news, my cat is adorable and wants your love.


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