Cosmic balance

I might be an atheist, but I really need to learn not to test fate because she’s a vindictive bitch.

Recently I’ve had a spat of rare good luck and I was feeling pretty cocky and like things were taking a turn for the better.  I’m right about that, but I’ve recently been reminded that I’m not allowed to get too comfortable.  I went to visit some family over the weekend and managed to get into an accident during my stay with them, really annoying for several reasons.  I’m lucky in that the accident was pretty mild and most of the damage was to my car, but the damage is damn ugly.  The entire passenger side of my bumper was torn off, my passenger light was smashed, my fender was bent, and I ruptured a brake hose.  I had to get the hose fixed (obviously), but I lucked out in that the hose was the worst of the damage.  The light’s going to be tricky because I lost a piece of my car, though I don’t think it’s necessary for the light, so I’m going to see if I can order the light and install it myself like I did with the bumper.  By the way, if anyone tries to tell you that installing a bumper is hard, unless they’re dealing with some kind of classic car with special needs it’s a clip off and clip off job.  As in, literally there are these little clips you pop out to remove the old bumper and pop back in to put the new one on.  There are some screws or bolts as well, but all of two on my car.  So the weekend was a very mixed bag, I had time off to spend time with my family, but my car was wrecked so I had to deal with that nonsense.

Eh, what are you going to do? I function by staying fairly pragmatic about these things.  Sure, it sucks but this too shall pass and all that.  I might be in debt up to my shoulders, but I’m not on the street and I have a plan for dealing with the debt.  Things like that.  I try to stay, if not optimistic, certain that things will only get so difficult and I can handle the problems I face.  Which is good because I’m fairly certain that considering all the shit I’ve had to deal with in the past year and change that I should have every right to be a very bitter bitch about it all. XD

As I still haven’t gotten around to getting my internet hooked up (complications with getting someone out to actually hook it up), my updating is still spotty and I apologize for that.  Though I’m a terrible procrastinator so I’m not sure I’ll be much better when I do have internet.


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