I might be a trash pile, but it’s a glittery trash pile…

So I should be really ashamed or whatever about my recent neglect of this blog, but I really can’t bring myself to be too stressed about it because things have started to get too good.  In very exciting adult news: I got a promotion at work!  It’s a position I’ve been applying to get for some time and my efforts have finally paid off.  I am both thrilled and extremely nervous about the promotion because it’s really getting into an area I technically have no expertise in because I’m shifting from being a circulation staff member to a reference staff member and that changes EVERYTHING!  I’m really looking forward to new experiences and challenges, but I’m a little sad because it does mean that I’ll be changing locations again.  My new branch won’t be much farther from home, but I will have to get used to a new location and new coworkers.  I’ve only been at my current location since the beginning of June and I’m already moving to a new place.

Luckily the pay increase that I’m getting means I’ll be able to reconnect my internet which is good for two major reasons.  My new position requires I pursue some continuing education about technology and library practices so I’m better equipped to help customers and teach classes.  But more importantly an internet connection will help further me as fandom trash of the highest order!  Want to know why I didn’t post anything for two weeks?

First some wonderful friends of mine enabled me by taking me to a really great game store in Sarasota where I was given access to the Jak and Daxter game series that I’ve wanted to play for years.  Yes, it is the PS2.  No, I don’t care that it’s “old”, the play-ability of the games has held up incredibly well and I was able to get all four games for less than $20 and one of my friends loaned me her PS2 so I could play them.  So that ate at least most of the first week and then… then Steven Universe happened.  I’m not really certain how it happened, but I’d heard about the show off and on from tumblr as well as other sources and friends.  Curious, but generally dismissive I decide to check out the dvd that’s floating around the library system.

At first it was vaguely amusing, then strangely adorable, increasingly cute and charming, intelligently funny, and mysteriously compelling!  Against my will and reason I tumbled head first into the world of Steven Universe and dragged my sister along for the ride.  I fell in love with this strange little boy and his space rock moms and their struggle to protect the world.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s very clearly modeled on the Magic Girl anime genre, which I love.  So I lost another week and no doubt I will lose more of my life to Steven Universe in the future because I am fandom trash, but at least the trash pile is pretty and littered with Gems. XD


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