Pumpkin, Autumn, Christmas, Meteor showers and 30for30

First off, it’s Autumn (sort of as it doesn’t technically start until the 23rd of Sept, but whatever) and I got to kick my morning off with pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts!  I was actually just stopping in on a whim to get some doughnuts for work when I spotted the brightly orange pastry and made a completely undignified sound of delight.  I am not a pumpkin spice devotee I don’t drink lattes of any kind much less pumpkin spice, but I have to admit the Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin doughnut is delicious.  I am a fan of pumpkin in things and really love the Libby’s Old Fashioned Pumpkin cookie recipe.  So welcome back pumpkin flavors and horrible/hilarious white girl stereotypes!

That aside there’s been a lot of radio silence about my 30for30.  I know I posted about the hand spun yarn (which as screeched to a halt because the hook has fallen out of my spindle and I haven’t yet reattached it) and I mentioned the strumstick, but I didn’t want to post video of me playing it yet.  Sure I can do Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I wanted something a bit more entertaining.  I don’t want to reveal it but it’s definitely inspired by the vlogbrothers, but really early vlogbrothers.  So when I’ve actually gotten the music figured out and can actually play it, I’ll record myself playing it to post here.

I’ll fully admit that I haven’t been pursuing my goals very hard, partially because for a while things were crazy, but lately it’s because I’m lazy and I’m really rather terrible at keeping up with that kind of thing.  So I’ve looked into some of my options for goals I have (which I might have to rewrite a couple because I don’t know if I can afford all of them anymore) and I’ve decided that the ones that are dictated by outside events are things I should go ahead and schedule so I can actually make sure I do them.  So to that end I’m planning on participating in the Clearwater Color Run 5k December 5, I’d really like to watch the Geminids  Meteor Shower in December which, bonus!, happens near a weekend which means it’ll be slightly easier to get off usually.  Throwing a costume party doesn’t technically have a specific date attached to it, but I think it would be easier to get people to go along with a Halloween costume party so I might attempt to organize a Halloween party in my neighborhood.

So I have those items to look forward to/start training for.  I’m also going to really focus on making sure I use my time wisely, setting aside a specific amount to work on personal projects be they crochet, writing, or other.  I have the first episode of my tutorial series written, but I wanted to make sure I had everything scripted out before I started filming because there’s little worse than a series that doesn’t have a regularly planned update.

Those things aside it’s no secret that I’ve suffered some financial setbacks that make doing some of the things I’d like to do much harder, this includes getting out of my existing debt.  This has led to lots of cutbacks like adjustments to my phone plan, canceling netflix, and ultimately canceling internet at my apartment.  At first there was a certain freedom in it and I honestly felt like the stolen moments of internet I can get a work would be enough, but I’m quickly learning differently.  At this point when I want to get seriously caught up on something that involves an internet connection I tend to haunt a cafe for HOURS.  My record at last count was something like five, which is only exceeded by a several years prior situation that had more to do with the fact that I was stuck at a Starbucks than me wanting an internet connection.

Much as I miss have an internet connection at home, I don’t think reconnecting it is an option.  It’s still arguably a luxury I shouldn’t be spending money on and when it was connected it worked so poorly that I don’t think it’s worth shelling out 80 or so dollars for.  So I’m going to have to find ways around this.  The cafes are nice because they stay open late, but the drinks do add up both in money and my waistline.  I think I’ll try to block time at the local libraries that are open later during the week and when I have a Saturday free I’ll bite the bullet and go hang out at the library for a while.  I’ll play around with options and see where things take me.

Oh and I might be putting together my own drop spindle soon, which I might count towards my build something goal, but I’m not sure.


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