The promised reveal!

All right so I hinted at the terrible that life’s recently decided to throw at me, but I’m officially free and clear to speak openly about it.  Things weren’t resolved to my satisfaction in any way, shape, or form, but sometimes you don’t get a say in how these things work out.

So the trouble started two Thursday ago when I came home from work that night to several leaks in my ceiling and a soaked carpet in what we will generously refer to as my “hallway”.  See, they complex had decided to do roof repairs during the wettest part of the year and that coupled with the reenactment of Noah’s flood in Tampa recently lead to leaks, who’d have guessed?  I placed buckets/pots to catch the falling water and immediately contact my after hours emergency line. They told me they would see about getting someone in to wet vac the water from the carpet, but they couldn’t do anything about the leaking until the roofers were done.  I didn’t feel like fighting about it right then, so I decided to let it go for the night.


The next day I made my way to the leasing office first thing to make sure they were aware of the situation (i.e. they wouldn’t hold me responsible for any potential damage to the carpet).  The leasing office wasn’t even open on time so I had to come back nearly two hours later to speak to someone only to find out they hadn’t even bothered to contact the company that handles carpet cleaning.  I had to stand over them while they made the appointment before I could discuss the leaks, which were getting progressively worse.  I even brought pictures of the problem and they still waved me off by saying there was nothing they could do.

A bit later two new leaks started in a different place and I went back to the leasing office and finally convinced them to send maintenance workers out to look at the problem.  Several came to see the issue and at this point there was a visible sage in the ceiling.  They looked at it, said it was bad, but STILL insisted there was nothing they could do until the roofers were done and left again.


An hour later this happened.

IMG_1155 IMG_1153

Suffice to say I was not well pleased and I rushed to the leasing office.  It took about four guys to clean up the mess because, as it turns out they should have taken me more seriously because the damage was extensive, water had soaked a bunch of insulation and was leaking everywhere and compromising my ceiling drywall.

IMG_1156 IMG_1158

Obviously without large chunks of insulation and with the roof still leaking, my apartment was untenable so I had to leave, but my leasing office still wasn’t talking to me about the fact that my apartment’s ceiling had caved in and my apartment was unlivable.  In fact, it took me declaring it untenable for them to take any real action.  In the meantime I had to find other accommodations at a hotel and thankfully I had a hook-up so it didn’t cost me anything.

For days my complex wasn’t giving me straight answers: “We can’t fix it until the roofers are done.” “The roofers can’t work in the rain.” “We don’t have another place to move you so we have to wait until the roofers are done and then the apartment has to dry out before we can repair it.”

They said they would wait until the apartment would dry out and fix the ceiling, but then it was obvious my roof was leaking so they couldn’t do anything until the roofer’s had fixed that.  Then they decided they were going to move me to the apartment across the way instead, but it wasn’t ready to be inhabited because it needed a new counter and new sink so it would take some time.  I was completely done and basically told them I just wanted out of my lease to which they told me “As per the lease agreement and Florida law we have seven days to remedy or repair the problem, the repair will be done by Wednesday which will be the sixth day, but we will give you a paltry discount on your rent this month that in no way really covers the inconvenience you’ve suffered.  Suck it.”  So basically despite the clusterfuck that was their fault that they responded to in a completely inadequate manner they finished the repair on time which means I’m still stuck in my lease.

Silver lining I suppose is that I really wasn’t prepared for a move of any kind, obviously didn’t have another place lined up, and I can’t really afford it right now anyway.  Though my apartment is shitty and bug-infested it’s… oh who am I kidding?  It’s a shit sandwich and the only good thing about it is that I have a roof over my head.  God the minute I’m able I’m getting out of this trash heap.

Oh and as a final note, they repaired the damage, but haven’t gotten around to repainting the ceiling so it looks terrible and they left a bunch of Spackle smears in my carpet that you bet I took pictures of so my complex can’t try and fuck me over for that.

If you’re in the Tampa area or are moving there, please feel free to contact me privately if you want to know the name of the complex so you can avoid it.


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