WTF Karma?!?!

Why does it seem like every time you decide it’s time to make a change and begin positive steps in that direction the universe decides to really try and mess with you?  I realize this isn’t actually the case because the universe is a complex and unfeeling entity that doesn’t actually have awareness of my existence much less the desire to fuck with me, but still I think everyone knows that feeling.

Money is, as I’ve mentioned, tight and I’m trying my best to put some away and pay down some debt.  This has recently become more complicated because I needed to take my car in to be repaired.  It started Monday morning with some disturbing noises when I tried to turn on my A/C.  I quickly turned the a/c off and my car seemed to still be running all right, but I decided that taking it in would be the prudent move.  So there’s good news and bad news concerning my car.  Good news is the only problem is the a/c, the bad news is the problem is the a/c.  In July, in FLORIDA!  I’ve been in the position of having a car with broken a/c that I couldn’t afford to fix and I cannot express to you the horror of that existence where summers are endless, sticky, sweaty hells.  I really don’t want to live through that again.  I lucked out this month because of payroll arrangements I can actually afford it, but I can’t help worrying over it.  It’s about $1000 to fix it all told and while it does mean the a/c will be under warranty for two years that’s a lot of money when I’ve been working to put some away.

There’s apparently a belt or two connected to my a/c that have to be replaced because they connect to other things as well, so I’m not even sure I can put it off, but it’s a LOT of money to be out.  Like, the majority of a months pay and I can’t just put it on credit.  Well, it’s my own damn fault to begin with so I just have to suck it up and figure it out.  I’m also driving an unfortunate amount this month because I have to travel for family obligations (i.e. if I don’t show up for at least a day or so of the family vacation I’m a monster who ruined everything!).  There is some good news for me financially, my sister will likely be moving in with me at the end of the month which will cut my living expenses dramatically.

The circumstances behind me getting a roommate are unfortunate and include so much family drama, but I can’t pretend I’m not thrilled that my sister and I will finally be able to move in together.  It’s something we’ve been planning on, but difficulties kept cropping up so this is nice to look forward too.  She’ll also be bringing her own bundle of joy and I’ll have to get some pics of Tacheton and Seuß playing together.

The universe’s twisted plots against me will not get me down!  I will prevail!


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