Unless I’ve been incredibly evasive, I think I’ve at least alluded to the fact that I work in a county library system. Let’s clear up a few common misconceptions first:

  • No, not everyone who works in a library at a desk is a librarian, it’s a title that comes with an advanced degree.
  • I am not a librarian, I don’t have the money to even THINK about going back to school, I am a library assistant or library clerk depending on who you ask.
  • There are two areas of library maintenance: Reference they tell you what book you want and where to find it. Circulation actually checks the book out to you and shelves it when you return it.
  • I work in circulation.

Now that we’ve established that I’m obviously pretty low in the pecking order we’ll move on to programming.  Programming, i.e. those events the library organizes for their patrons like Story Time for children and Excel classes for adults, is generally arranged by librarians.  In my system we have the HIVE (Yes, it’s an acronym. No, I couldn’t tell you what it stands for), a Community Innovation Center that includes things like a Makerspace area with 3D printing, an Arts area with sewing machines as well as more traditional art media, and a recording area for video and a sound booth.  The sewing classes on offer have been pretty popular and there’s been a lot of people asking for knitting and crochet classes.  Miraculously no librarian at that branch knew how to knit or crochet.  I wasn’t allowed to teach a class because “it’s out of my job description”, but I was able to push for a knit and crochet meet-up.  Tonight is the first meet-up of the HIVE Stitching Bee!  I’m really excited and hopeful that people will come to the event.  It would have been nice to teach a class, but this is good too and I’m more than willing to teach anyone who has questions when they come.

I’ll also be revising what was originally my 30before30 list to a 30for30 or something like that.  Just a list of goals for this year.  I’ll probably keep it a bit simpler because I really don’t have as much time, but I really do want to get more done with year.


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