A bit like the desert in some ways…

But those “unplugged” advocates are either drama queens or had a really weird problem.

So last year sometime in October I was burglarized.  This is not news, I’ve whined about it at length.  My computer was stolen and I have been financially strapped for a while and a new computer just hasn’t been in the works for me.  Still isn’t if we’re being perfectly honest.  Being without a computer of any kind would have been insane (I pay almost all of my bills online… I’m not even sure I can send paper checks to some locations anymore. o.o), but I have an iphone so I made it work.

What you may not have known is that my internet provider at the time, Brighthouse, was being a giant bag of cocks.  I don’t think this will surprise anyone, ISPs in general are bags of cocks, but what was making Brighthouse a bigger bag of dicks than usual was the fact that I was forking over money monthly and not getting the service I was paying for.  They kept trying to make it my or whatever site I happened to be on’s fault by saying that I didn’t have a fast enough connection or that the site was having trouble.  This was a load because the bandwidth had worked fine previously and it was every site I visited.  Literally nothing had changed so it could only be Brighthouse’s fault.  I played this tug-a-war for a while before I decided to say “fuck it” and just cancelled my service because I’m not made of money and it saves me a pretty penny monthly.  I figured I’d just avoid internet at home unless I really needed to look something up in which case I have a data plan for a reason.

So I obviously don’t spend huge portions of my day on the internet.  Sometimes I do miss it, particularly video options like youtube but those are ultimately time wasters.  All in all, I just don’t feel like I’m missing much.  It IS kind of weird when I come back to work on Monday (I have access to Wi-Fi at work) after a weekend with out Wi-Fi and there’s a deluge of posts from the weekend (hence desert imagery). It’s a constant game of catch-up because I’m rarely online when people are most active.

Ultimately though I find those “unplugged” people still don’t make sense to me.  They talk about how people would get out and do more if they unplugged, but I’m not really sure about that.  I think most people wouldn’t actually go out, they’d just figure out other ways to entertain themselves at home.  For example, I don’t have access to internet at home and I don’t have cable, but that really hasn’t stopped me from being a homebody.  Hell, it doesn’t stop be from being a lazy slob.  Where I even to avoid movies or video games I have books, I have easy home based hobbies to keep me entertained and when all else fails I have that old standby napping!  People have been lazy, antisocial shut-ins for centuries before the internet.  High-speed connection just makes it marginally easier.

I’m with the people who call out individuals who whine about how no body talks anymore and we’re all stuck on devices at the dinner table.  People have been avoided talking to each other since people started living together, before it was books, magazines, newspapers.  Then radio and television.  Now we have smartphones and tablets that just give us more options for ignoring one another.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing, I’m just pointing out it’s a reality.  If you want to enrich your life by engaging in human conversation and contact I think that’s great because we all benefit from that.  But just shutting your phone off for the day isn’t going to do it, you still have to go out there an actually socialize.


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