Assessing things

Well, here we are in May of 2015 and I am honestly no where near my goals list.  This isn’t actually much of a surprise though, life has largely conspired to make accomplishing the majority of my goals very hard.  I’ve been computerless for a good, long while, which means making a youtube series is pretty much not going to happen. I’ve been very cash strapped of late for various reasons making road trips and hot air balloon flights a definite no-no. There’s no reason I can’t have learned how to play an instrument, benched my body weight, or learned how to cartwheel, but I’ll chalk that up to life being very busy in general,especially on my Netflix queue. XD But even considering all this I’m not counting this past year a failure at all.

I might not have accomplished all I hoped to, but life doesn’t end at 30, despite what pretty much everyone I meet (who aren’t 30, by the way) keeps trying to convince me of.  I don’t have to stop trying, or stop having goals.  So I’ve decided I’m going to review my list and maybe write it out again for the coming year and have 30 things to accomplish in my 30th year of life. I have some personal issues I’m still working through, this includes my less than favorable living conditions (though I’m finally getting an appropriate response from the leasing office and I think their going to fog the place, FINALLY!) and some financial difficulties but I don’t intend to let these keep me from actually acting on things.  I play to update the blog as often as I can with new material (I actually have a post idea worked out with help from my sister).  I’ll be writing up the scripts for the tutorials so I’m ready when I do have the equipment to actually film and edit them. I’m working on crochet projects for Otakraft and actually have some personal patterns that I’ll be posting as soon as I’ve had someone to test them.  Or I’ll put out a call for testers, that works too. ^^

Only 19 days till the big 3-0 and I can’t wait. v(^_−)♥

 *shameless inclusion of my cat’s cuteness*


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