Working on it

Some brief updates:

  • I have a new phone so I actually have a computer (sort of) and a way to take pictures again. Huzzah!
  • It cost me a pretty penny, but I might be reimbursed through an insurance claim with the bank. x(>.<)x
  • I am side-eyeing a computer, even though I’d have to borrow money to buy it.  I know, debt is evil and should be avoided at all costs, but I really want a computer again.
  • The roach problem is in a weird place (and I mean that literally and figuratively).  I think someone came in the spray at the complex, but it seems like it was only in the kitchen, which means I’m still having trouble in other places.  I still haven’t really unpacked because of it.

So that’s all that’s really going on in my life that’s relevant for the moment.  I did go berry picking with my sister again this year and we found a number of nice late season fruit.  When we sorted it out all the kind of bruised ones (we used one BIG bucket and have since learned our lesson about the weight bearing down on the bottom fruit) ended up with me because I intend to make preserves.  While I was visiting family over Easter weekend my dad also gave me a pineapple (he has a couple bushes) so I have pineapple and strawberries!  Delish!

I’ve also made some other decisions concerning this blog.  I’ve decided to post more than just about my life events (because those get boring, let’s get real) and I’ll post on whatever topic strikes my fancy.  I’m also hoping to post some my writing as it progresses.  Next post will be about comics!


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