Reel Big Fish’s Everything Sucks is my current life soundtrack

While I’m not in a Ska band trying to make it big, the general feeling of “Fuck this, I’m out” resonates with me right now.  I don’t usually put much stock in luck/karma/what have you, but I think I’ve pissed off some kind of being because things have been especially shitty lately. So everyone knows that I was burglarized last year and wanted to move to a second story apartment for peace of mind.  That took half a year to happen and I’m starting to regret ever bothering.  While I worried about another break-in (and my cat’s safety, of course), I didn’t have to contend with vermin. My new place isn’t as nice (the old apartment was admittedly one of the fancy renovated ones), that wouldn’t bother me save that I now have a roach problem.  I’ve sprayed and baited, the complex has (theoretically) sent someone to spray as well.  I decided to barrier method things and started caulking baseboards when I found a massive hole in my wall behind the toilet leftover from some plumbing work.  Well, all the spraying in the world isn’t going to help me with that!  So I’ll have to get my leasing office to fix that before I can make any serious headway.

I also had some car trouble recently.  I ran over a nail with one of my nice Michelin tires and went to Pep Boys to see if I could get it patched (it was a nice tire).  Turns out it was too close to the wheel wall and the patch probably wouldn’t hold so I had to fork over a lot more money for a new tire and the entire process took so long I was late getting to work. Added to all of that, my phone was stolen while I was at work.  I was shelving some magazines and someone just picked it up off my cart and walked away with it.  As soon as I’d realized it I went to the officers at my library and filled out a police report, but the thief had already turned the phone off so I couldn’t track it.  I’ve had the service suspended and I have notified every agency I can, but that still doesn’t get me my phone back.  It was also my only computer so I’m shit of of luck with that.

The only silver lining I have is that when I went to my Sit n’ Stitch group later that day I found out a gentleman who owned a yarn shop in Virginia had closed it (and his stock was down here for some reason, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth) and he wanted to give all his lovely natural fiber away at the library.  I was a bit late so when I got there most of the yarn had been picked over, but there was an obscene amount of lovely, luscious roving, batting, and fleece (yarn, some of it was barely processed, if at all!).  There was beautiful, lustrous longwool, cormo, an alpaca/silk blend sampler box that was like a Godiva sampler box for the fiber freak, and bags of soft, fluffy angora.  It was sensational, by which I mean I was in touch-heaven and practically losing my mind over this stuff.

As a side note I want to specify that long ago, when I was starting to get into crochet seriously, I toyed with the idea of dying yarn, but I promised myself not to get into spinning or anything crazy like that.  HA! So here I am, touching these bunches of fiber and everyone’s telling me to take it, but I don’t have a spinning wheel at home, much less a drop spindle so it would go to waste I say.  But the guy goes “Oh, I think I have a drop spindle you can have.”  Digs it out, hands it to me for free and suddenly I have no excuses.  I feel like a glutton, but I totally took a bunch of that lovely fiber and look forward to figuring out how to spin it, though I might pick up a less nice roving to start with so I can actually figure out what I’m doing. So, while that night didn’t make up for the weeks/months of suck, it did make me feel quite a bit better.  Pictures are obviously going to be scarce until I get a new phone and even then I don’t have a computer so it’s still hard to work those into posts, but I’ll try to be better.


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