Home row key smashing, and not in a good way

OK!  So I’ve finally been moved (after my leasing office put me off for three fucking weeks!), but the weekend was a bit of a clusterfuck (this surprises no one).  I had to work on Saturday, so I’d had Friday off and planned to start moving then, but my leasing office informs me that “oh sorry, the appliances all needed to be replaced and it’s not technically ready yet!”  So I sucked it up and moved on Sunday. I will fully admit that some of the pain I suffered was entirely my fault.

I’ve moved twice now and I’m really not getting any better at setting things up before hand.  I was only about half packed and my place was a mess with things everywhere.  That said I was at least half packed.  We moved all my books (I honestly have too many, more than three bookshelves worth) and awkward/heavy furniture to my new place across the neighborhood and up a flight of stairs.  I don’t regret the move, but my thighs seem to have taken it personally. It was, in all, a very frustrating and exhausting weekend because I was moving/unpacking until 1am Sunday night and I got up early the next morning to move more stuff before heading to work.

The worst though, is that I seem to have roommates already living in my apartment.  Three separate times I went into the bathroom on Sunday and all three times I saw a roach, different roaches.  Add to that I’ve found shed shells dotted over the place and I might have a serious problem.  I’m just grateful it’s not so bad I see one every time I turn around.  Ugh!  I, of course, complained to my leasing office the next day and told them I had no intention of moving my food until this was taken care off.  They agreed and told me they’d send someone out Tuesday.  So I’ll finally be able to finish up moving if all goes well today, but I don’t plan to leave the pest control completely up to my apartment complex.  I’ve got borax so I’m going to set up some traps and dust in a few of the places my cat can’t get to.

The set up at this new place if pretty much identical to my original apartment (shocker, it being in the same complex and all), but there are some notable differences so aren’t always pluses.  My bathroom’s set up differently so my cat’s litter box doesn’t fit beside the toilet anymore.  I suppose it’s good impetus to finally turn the trunk I bought forever ago into the hidden litter box.  I figure I’ll turn it into a litter box first and make it look pretty later.


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