I actually have an excuse this time!

I was all about getting my life in order.  I was going to start updating regularly, crocheting/crafting regularly.  I was about to start filming my first videos for my youtube channel.  I had gotten back into working out after falling off the wagon for a little while.  I was going to start addressing more of my 30before30 and set up a measurable goals sheet or something.  I had PLANS!

Then I was burglarized.

It was a normal Wednesday, I left for work and a few hours later I get a call that my apartment’s been broken into.  Yeah, between 8-mumble in the morning and before fucking lunch someone broke into my place!  I suppose I’m grateful I wasn’t home because I would have probably shit bricks, but still.  And they wanted it too because they didn’t just break a window or anything, they broke my door.  They hammered at the wood until there was enough of a gap near the deadbolt that they could pop the lock.  They then proceeded to trash the place by throwing my stuff EVERYWHERE and traumatizing my cat into hiding for the entire day (I’m mostly just really grateful that he was all right.  I’ll post some proof that he’s ok with my next post).

They stole all my gaming systems, most of my games, my TV and DVD player, my serger, camera, and a few other odds and ends I’m sure, but most frustratingly of all they stole my computer.  My very pricey Macbook Pro that wasn’t even two years old.  *RAGE*

Oh and to add insult to injury, because cleaning everything up and dealing with the police report and patching up my door took the rest of the day I had to dip into my vacation time to cover the time I wasn’t at work.  Worst vacation EVER.

This was weeks ago at this point, so I’m largely over it.  Vaguely pissed and sad at times, but largely over it.  The things I want back the most aren’t even the electronics because those can be replaced (except the N64 they stole, I don’t know if I can replace that, which annoys me).  I want my photos from conventions, my trip to Hong Kong, the holidays I’ve spent with family, the music I’ve been collecting for years, the anime that was fansubbed but never released in America, crochet patterns I’ve written or collected, recipes I found…. The things just stored on my computer that I can’t get back even if I replace the damn machine.  Man, I am beyond sold on back-ups from now on.  I will make monthly back-ups to all the stuff on my computer as soon as I get a new computer.  Ugh.

It feels like a karmic kick to the gonads too because I was contemplating different kinds of renters insurance recently, but hadn’t gotten around to making a decision.  -_-;;;;;;;;;;;  Lesson learned.  As is I’ve been slowly rebuilding for myself.  My first pick for replacement would have been a computer, but it really isn’t in my budget right now.  Also, I might have to rethink getting another Macbook because they’ve been phasing out everything but the retina and the new Pro line doesn’t have a disc drive, which would drive me batty because I like having a disc drive on my computer, I like to upload my CDs to my iTunes and stuff.  *sigh*

I’ll also be moving soon because of what happened and I’ll probably be posting about that as well.

I refuse to get all depressed about everything that’s happened and since then I’ve applied for a promotion (crosses fingers), decided on some Christmas gifts, I’m going to enter a competition on a blog I follow, and I’ve joined a fiction writing exercise to help me limber up for my bigger novel project.  Here’s to things going better in the near future!


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