Wow, I am REALLY bad at this…

My productiveness lately has taken a nosedive.  Certainly I’m not very good at keeping up with things, but I had a legitimate something that happened.  I found this on my patio.

baby kittenShe’s a sweet baby and I could not in good conscience leave her outside.  She’s just around 8 weeks of age or so and shouldn’t be outside on her own so I caught her (she was skittish and ran at first) and brought her in.  I gave her some food because she’s far too skinny.  I posted some flyers around looking for her owner and no one contacted.  My sister, who’s been jonesing for a cat, visited over the past weekend to get to know her and decided she was going to adopt her.  Yay!  I think my cat’s going to miss her though, they like to play together.

Whenever my sister visits my plans kind of go to hell.  I usually plan to clean house, maybe get some cooking done to put me ahead of the week.  Now I’m really bad at keeping up with that on my own so I can’t entirely blame her, but she doesn’t help either. XD  (though she did offer to help clean up)  We did have a lot of fun heading to Sarasota, though like past trips there something always seems to go wrong.  I (thought I) had an appointment at 2:30pm on Saturday with my trainer, but I figured that was more than enough time to run to Sarasota and check out what Ash wanted to see and come back.  It might have been if we had gotten out the door when expected.  We were late leaving so we had to cut our trip extremely short; a shame because it’s an hour drives to get out there.  To make matters worse, we rushed back for my appointment (not quite on time) for me to arrive and find out I actually had the time wrong and the appointment was at 2pm.  Upsides though, I got a really cool boar bristle brush, nail brush, and straw cleaner from Nessentials, a German super ecofriendly company that makes all kinds of brushes and some other items as well.  I also bought six ADORABLE miniature crock pots from this place called the Women’s Exchange.  It was full of cool, older stuff.  The crocks are not only super cute, but they were made in France!  I got all six for only $15 or so.  v(^-^) I’m planning on make mini quiche in them and freezing some of the mini-quiche for later in the week.

I’ve been doing some working out, but it’s been slightly spotty.  I wasn’t really good about it this past week so I have to get back on the wagon.  One thing that’ll benefit me is I’m getting a workout program designed for me for strength training.  I’m also going to be working on my running.  I ran a few miles and ended up really sore the next day so I know I have a ways to go.

Some stumstick drama updates.  The company sent the strumstick my way again, but failed to inform me when they actually sent it out so I had no idea when it was scheduled to arrive.  Turns out the day I bothered to ask was also the day UPS tried to deliver it.  Shouldn’t have been a problem, but for some reason UPS decided they wouldn’t try to deliver the package more than once.  I’ve been trying to figure out what happened and what my recourse is.  At this point the strumstick is back at the original seller.  I finally got a response from UPS and they said they would resend the package (I’m assuming they will do so for free), but I won’t find out until the UPS carrier picks the package up tomorrow. *fingers crossed*


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