How many months do I have left? o.o

One day I’m going to graduate to at least weekly posts instead of monthly ones. -.-
So updates:  In May I went on a trip to Seattle for my birthday.  I don’t get to see the sister who lives in Seattle very often; we live about as far away from each other as humanly possible while still in the United States. XD   While I was there she took some time off so we could trip up to Vancouver, BC for the day.  The weather was gorgeous and the city quite beautiful.  We went to Stanley Park and wandered around maybe a fifth of it (its crazy big; bigger than Central Park in New York) and wandered the downtown area a bit.  While we were there we had donuts at Tim Horten’s because I’m a nerd who likes Gunnarolla (awesome Canadian Youtuber so check him out).  We also went to GasTown, a lovely historic district with a Steam Punk’s wet dream, the Steam Works clock.

It was really cool to see.
We rounded out our day by eating at the SteamWork’s Brew Pub were we had some delicious Poutine, because Canada.  I also really enjoyed walking around and seeing Seattle, it’s a beautiful city, though I don’t know if I would move there personally.

I haven’t really made much progress on the 30before30, in part because turns out I didn’t get a tax return, I owed money this year. Blargh!  Some of my list is pretty expensive, so I think I’m going to start with the instrument.  I’ve found the occasional listing for used Strumsticks, but the D Strumstick or Grand Strumstick is harder to find used.  I like the lower tones of the Grand better, though if I like playing it, I might splurge and eventually get both.

I did get to teach a crochet Demo at the Esty Craft Party, though there weren’t as many people showing up for the class as I would have liked. -_- While I’ve technically fulfilled that goal, I’m thinking I might try to arrange for another class.  I’ll also probably pare down the list of optional crochet projects because I’d forgotten how tricky it is to start out.  I’ll keep it really simple next time.

I’m finally coming up with a plan to see about changing some of my more unhealthy habits, because just saying that I’m going to change things hasn’t really worked.  My self-help books (Yeah, I read self-help books, stop judging me!) recommend that I make myself accountable to someone as a motivator, so I’ve picked the internet.   I’m going to chart out my weekly progress; I already have a whiteboard set-up with days of the week and general goals like working out.


I’m still figuring out a work-out schedule that makes any kind of sense, I might have to tweak as I go, but I figure I’ll trade off cardio and weight training days and throw in the occasional running or swimming day to keep things fresh.   I’ve also left extra slots around in case I think of something to add.  I think I’ve hit on a name for a general youtube series, not the series of crochet tutorials I plan on making, but a more general series and I’ll see about filming those, though I’ll be the first to admit I have crap equipment to work with.  It’ll be interesting to see if I can make a quality video with a less than quality camera.

I’ve also decided to participate in the Art Assignment; mostly because I think I’ll be enriching and fun.  I think I’ll make my first project crochet related so if you like that kind of thing do check out my other blog, Otakraft.


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