Progress! Sort of…

Ok, so it’s apparent that I’m absolutely abysmal at updating regularly.  I meant to update this nearly a month ago, but that road to hell took a lot of time to pave.  Also, it’s actually been a pretty busy month.

Easy Recap:

  • I went Strawberry picking with my sister when she visited last month, I haven’t gotten around to making the actual jam yet.  The strawberries are currently hulled and halved in my freezer. So ½ down I guess?
This is the Fancy Farm House.  Is it not too cute!

This is the Fancy Farm House. Is it not too cute!

Ash, my sister, picking strawberries.

Ash, my sister, picking strawberries.

Check them berries!

Check them berries!

Me picking strawberries.

Aren't they beautiful little fruit jewels!  The whole field looked like this!

Aren’t they beautiful little fruit jewels! The whole field looked like this!

*hums Strawberry Fields Forever*

*hums Strawberry Fields Forever*
















  • I adopted an adorable little kitten in March, his name is Tacheton.  Bow to his cuteness.
He sees you...

He sees you…

He's got a total "Who me?" look on.

He’s got a total “Who me?” look on.

He was absolutely about to pounce.

He was absolutely about to pounce.









  • My family moved the rest of the crap I had in storage at my ‘rentals place to my new apartment last weekend.  I now have hoards of boxes around that I really need to unpack which is a bummer.  On the upside I now have a dresser and my Xbox back too. Whoo!
  • I’ve finally got a date pinned down for my crochet class: 5/11.  I know it’s actually going to happen because I’ve finalized the date, the cost of the class, the length of the class, gave the store samples of my work to take pictures of, and seen the poster they’re making to advertise the class!  Whooo!
  • I haven’t filled out my tax refund, it’s on my to-dos for tomorrow so I can actually know how much I’m getting back.

Plans I have for my Tax Return

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride, hell yes!
  • Tattoos, I have to get a mole removed to make space for one of them, but that shouldn’t be any hardship.
  • Strumstick.  This is the instrument I’m going to learn how to play.  It’s like a simplified banjo and I will absolutely admit to a weakness for the twang of a banjo.
  • Some savings, because I am a “responsible” adult.
  • A camera for decent video if anything’s left over.

That’s all the major stuff that’s been happening lately.  There was also a horribly failed trip to Sarasota with my sister to check out the local Goodwills there and see if there where good pickings for furniture.   Our first mistake was not figuring out which Goodwills are actually Goodwills and not just donation centers.  The second?  Not planning out which Goodwills are where to hit them in logical order.  Third? Not calling ahead to see if any actually had furniture (I’m in the market for shelves, lots of shelves, a low table for my dining room, a side table or two, and a papasan chair.  I plan on getting a sofa or daybed, but I’m not sure yet).  All in all we drove around, not really knowing where we were and ultimately wasting our time. XD  We did get to eat delicious seafood at Philipi Creek Oyster Bar so I won’t count the day a total loss.

Next time we should probably just hit up the Tampa thrift shops, there are some awesome ones around and even if it’s not cheap the Triage is always fun to wander around in.  I also need to see if Tampa’s got a Flea market; those places are great for steals and deals.

I’ve also got a trip to Seattle in my plans for May if the stars (i.e. my vacation time) align where I’ll visit another sister of mine and a friend for my birthday.  With luck my second sibling and I will take a day trip to Vancouver, which will be awesome.

I’ve got a few things going on over on Otakraft as well and would really like some input on a design I’m working out.  The poll will be available for the next week.

Thanks in advance!  Until we meet again!


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